• March 10, 2023

Sports betting bonus – What to consider

Sports betting bonus – That is to be considered

In order to win new customers and to bind regular customers permanently, online betting companies always come up with new measures. Finally, the competitive pressure is great with new bookmakers constantly entering the market. While the new customer bonus is a standard offer at almost every provider, special bonus programs for regular customers are on the rise. Many of the offers sound tempting. But a realistic and concrete comparison can only be realized if Offer and Conditions are compared. First the Overall view allows a real assessment. We have compiled a few points that should make it easier for you to choose a suitable betting office.

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Important for sports betting bonus – The personal user profile

Before the decision is made for a betting provider, should first be the personal demand can be determined. If, for example, it is a question of benefiting in particular from the New customer bonus to profit, it is worthwhile to look into a Betting provider comparison. There, the betting providers are evaluated in terms of new customer bonus, betting offer, odds and customer service and compiled in a clear list. Some of the providers listed there offer an excellent new customer bonus. If not only the new customer bonus is in focus, but there is the possibility that the bookmaker is to be used for betting over a longer period of time, then the attention would be additionally on Bonus programs for Regular customers to direct. Depending on how the overall offer turns out, it may be worthwhile to forgo a higher new customer bonus, but instead choose the provider with the more attractive points program including bonuses.

Sports betting bonus - What to consider

Conditions to the bonus

Although some bookmakers are relatively generous, but the money is of course not given away at any. The Payout of bonus amounts is offered to certain conditions attached. It is common for a Minimum turnover must be achieved within a specified time frame. For the calculation of the target turnover, normally the deposit amount pulled up. The period of time to achieve the turnover varies. While provider A provides its customers only a few days, provider B is more generous and waits several months. To the minimum turnover comes as a further condition the kind of the bet to the effect. With numerous bookmakers, only sports bets with a prescribed minimum odds to fulfill the conditions at. The minimum odds are usually between 1.5 and 2.0. If it is above this specification, it can hardly be a fair offer.


The fair bonus

Basically, it is no secret that some bookmakers with Bait-and-switch offers attract attention. An appealing sports betting bonus ensures a lot of new customers and is exploited by dubious bookmakers. If affected new customers want to benefit from their bonus, it is stated in the bonus conditions that the necessary requirements can hardly be met. For example, some bookmakers pay out the previously promised bonus amount only if within a narrow time window high stakes in sports betting are made. Even a exaggerated minimum quota runs into the selection with some providers, so that it is impossible to get the bonus. The reputable sports betting provider “Bet365”, which also emerges as the front-runner on the above-mentioned advice page on the subject of sports betting in comparison, represents a positive example among the fair addresses. Bookmaker awards its customers 100% of the deposit amount as a bonus (up to a maximum of 100 euros).