• March 10, 2023

Glücksspirale special draw

Glücksspirale special draw

Playing the Glücksspirale lottery on the next two Saturdays is all the more worthwhile. There is a special draw with fat winnings.

Among all participating lots nationwide at the 09. November whole 66 Audi A3 Attraction 1.5 million (with powerful engine, 6-speed transmission, alloy wheels, automatic climate control, parking aid and extensive navigation package). EUR will be raffled.

At 16 . November it is about the raffle of a A home of one’s own with a plot of land worth 500.000 EUR.

A dream house or a fancy new car is what many people in Germany dream of. With the purchase of a ticket of the Glücksspirale this dream can become reality now.

If you are not lucky in the special draw and unfortunately do not win a car or a house, you still have the chance to win a normal prize in the Glücksspirale lottery. The profit probability with this Lotterie can be quite respectable and also the profits are not to be despised. Besides the chance to win money from 10 EUR up to 100.000 EUR there is as a main prize the chance of a “monthly immediate pension” of 7.500 EUR.

If you want to win all these prizes, you should play this Saturday and next in the Glücksspirale special draw.