• March 10, 2023

Gambling – only for adults with responsibility

Gambling – only for adults with responsibility

Can you imagine the federal government enacting a law that does not allow more than 1.000 € per month to spend in an online store? Certainly not. And yet it happened in the field of online casinos. Although online gaming has almost lost its slightly disreputable image in recent years, lovers of casino games on the German gambling market face strict restrictions. While many people from all over the world would love to come to Germany, German casino players are currently not only looking the other way, but also for alternative gaming options without restrictions.

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How the reforms in the German gambling market make life difficult for players

The monthly deposit limit of 1.000 € is far from the only restriction that casino operators from the 15. October 2020 were imposed. To list them all here would go beyond the scope of this article. But the mere fact that German gambling sites are no longer allowed to call themselves casinos says a lot.

The game offer has been completely reduced to slot games. Lovers of classic casino games like roulette, blackjack or live dealer games go empty-handed. Additional restrictions have been placed on the bet amount (maximum €1) and game play. Each spin on the slot machine must last 5 seconds, automatic game continuation (autoplay) is not allowed, and every player is subjected to a so-called reality check, which requires a game interruption after a certain amount of time.

3 reasons that speak for playing in casinos without a German license

Customer loyalty measures are commonplace in every industry. However, discount systems like the Deutschlandcard only make sense if the customer is allowed to spend more than one euro in the store. In German online casinos, the betting amount in the slot game is limited to € 1. Of course, this means that players cannot expect lucrative bonus offers. The welcome packages in online casinos licensed outside of Germany can make quite different offers there. Example King Billy Casino: In addition to the King Billy Casino no deposit bonus, German players can also benefit from a welcome bonus of up to 2.500 Euro profit. So we hold:

1. Higher bonus funds and more free spins with the welcome bonus

Since the awarding of bonuses does not end with the first deposit, players in internationally operating online casinos can benefit from constantly changing promotions. The best providers offer both new customers and existing customers appropriate offers at all times. Just like with the Deutschlandcard: the more you buy, the higher the reimbursement amount. In online casinos, these marketing tools are called loyalty or VIP program. So collecting points also works here. The serious difference to casinos on German gambling sites are the percentage higher discounts. So we note a second good reason to play in the casino without a German license:

2. More lucrative loyalty and VIP programs

Other countries, other customs. This means, especially in foreign online casinos, a game variety that is virtually infinite. After all, no one wants to play the same Merkur slot known from the arcade for a lifetime. Variety must be, new games must be, but also classics must be. And with that we have the third reason for playing in casinos without a German license:

3. Larger selection of available casino games

Casino without German license – what makes the difference?

The world of online casinos is currently divided in two for German players. The big casino brands such as 888, BWIN or Sunmaker make billions in sales, but do not want to mess with the German government and have therefore submitted to the restrictions.

Smaller casino brands are rightly speculating that German players are not very enthusiastic about the new gaming environment in the German gambling market. Some casinos were quickly launched because the operators have noticed that the influx is enormous. Their disadvantage is that these new casinos are quite unknown. Elaborate marketing should change that and experts have observed that names like Cocoa Casino, Volcano Vegas or Fortune Clock Casino appear more and more often on comparison platforms.

What about the legality of such casinos?

Currently, German players do not have to fear prosecution if they play at a casino without a German license. Just like you can order lamb on a New Zealand site, participating in online casino activities is not illegal either. In addition, the operator of gambling sites will always be the first point of contact for supervisory authorities if he violates the ban on advertising gambling in Germany or violates the know-your-customer rules. The Handelsblatt reported years ago that German banks are doing business with online casinos. Then the German players can also.

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages

Perhaps it seems that we are breaking a lance for the casinos without a German license. Here we only enumerate the facts. We consider our readers to be independent thinking beings who know best what is good for them themselves. You just need to know the facts. Therefore, both casino types with their advantages and disadvantages are once again compared at this point.


Casinos under German regulation

Casinos without a German license

Extensive player protection measures

Large variety of games (slots, table games, live casino, jackpots)

Well known game titles

New games from small studios

Protected by the regulatory authority in Germany

Websites in German language

Euro is always accepted as currency

No restrictions on deposits and stakes

Trustworthy payment service providers

Payment also possible with cryptocurrencies

Jurisdiction is German

No 5-second rule and autoplay is allowed


Casinos under German regulation

Casinos without a German license

Only one form of gaming (slot machines)

License from a regulatory authority is possibly missing

Restrictions on gameplay due to 5-second rule and ban on autoplay

No German jurisdiction in case of disputes

Deposit limit 1.000 € per month

Euro as currency is not always accepted

Maximum bet on slots 1 €

Conclusion – form your own opinion

Now you know the facts. And since you are an adult with responsibility, you will be able to answer the question of which casino type you prefer with certainty. Playing in the casino without a German license undoubtedly requires more responsibility for their own budget and their own gaming behavior. When we decide for ourselves, we can gain experience and learn from mistakes. When decisions are taken from us, independent thinking falls by the wayside. Freedom of choice is an achievement of democracy. Let’s use them.