• March 9, 2023

What types of credit cards are there?

What types of credit cards are there? That is almost correct. But as always, the truth is in the details, because on the one hand, the EC card is now called girocard and on the other hand, not every credit card also gives you credit. There are debit cards, charge cards, real credit cards and…

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Which marketing measures can be used to increase turnover

With which marketing measures the turnover can be increased? The success of a company is directly linked to its turnover. In order to increase this, different marketing measures offer themselves. First, the existing customer base can be addressed through personalized advertising and special offers. The placement of ads in print media or digital measures such…

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5 EUR coin The Heiermann is again there!

5 EUR coin: The Heiermann is back! From today there is again a 5 coin in Germany. In earlier times, the 5 DM coin was very popular among the population. She was even given an affectionate nickname. One called the 5 DM coin “Heiermann”. 5 EUR coin

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