• March 9, 2023

Reclaim credit processing fee.

Credit: reclaim processing fee. Now you have to act quickly, because by the end of 2023 you should have reclaimed the fees for loans from 2005 onwards. Otherwise the statute of limitations will apply. Back in May, the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) dealt with the fees that some banks charged borrowers for processing consumer…

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Penalty interest rates for private customers

Penalty interest for private customers The dam is broken. The hitherto unthinkable is thus becoming more and more probable. First banks charge penalty interest on retail deposits. Skatbank has made a start and other banks could follow suit. The German Skatbank from Thuringia is a branch of the VR bank Altenburger country EEC. Since last…

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Is the purchase of a real estate still worthwhile And above all Where

Is the purchase of a real estate still worthwhile? And above all: Where? The interest rates are still and for the foreseeable future in the cellar. All traditional investment options, such as savings books, life insurance, pension funds are doomed to death. These savings investments do not bring any more net yield, one must count…

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