• March 3, 2023

5 EUR coin The Heiermann is again there!

5 EUR coin: The Heiermann is back!

From today there is again a 5 coin in Germany. In earlier times, the 5 DM coin was very popular among the population. She was even given an affectionate nickname. One called the 5 DM coin “Heiermann”.

5 EUR coin

The new 5 coin comes of course as 5 Euro coin in circulation, after all, there is the D-Mark since 2002 no longer as an official means of payment. Instead of 5 DM now 5 EUR.

And also with the appearance the Federal citizens must become accustomed. Like the other euro coins, the 5 EUR coin consists of two different metal components, but between these two there is a blue plastic ring on the new coin.

The new 5 EUR coin with blue ring

This blue ring is supposed to make the coin more forgery-proof. Especially since every mint will use a slightly different shade of blue.

On the back the earth and the cosmos are represented. The blue ring between these two motifs represents the connection between earth and cosmos.

There are the new 5 euro coin in two variants: as Collector coin and as normal coin. From the normal coin for payment transactions a total of 2 million pieces are minted. For the time being, these are only available through the branches of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

Collector coin “Planet Earth”

The collector coin will probably not be encountered as a coin in normal payment transactions. The 5-EUR coin is sold as a collector coin “Planet Earth” in the minting quality mirror finish a total of only 250.000 times issued.

But the issue price of this collector coin is also correspondingly high. The collector coin “Planet Earth” officially costs 15.55 EUR. One may assume that this price will quickly rise among coin collectors. This will not be the case with the normal 5 EUR coin.

More info on the new Heiermann:

  • The 5 EUR coin is regular means of payment, everyone must accept it. Only abroad there could be problems.
  • The 5 EUR coin will not work on vending machines for the time being.
  • On the side is the inscription “Unity and Justice and Freedom” engraved.
  • The coin should be more forgery-proof due to the blue ring.

Germany can breathe a sigh of relief. Finally there is again a 5 coin in circulation. A major downer for the Germans in the replacement of the D-Mark by the euro is now eliminated.

If there would be now still a 1 EUR bill, as usual with the dollar, then the world would be almost perfect.