• March 3, 2023

Playing Bingo

Play Bingo

Bingo is one of the internationally known and popular games. There are different variants, each with the same procedure. In bingo there is the possibility to choose between one and sixty bingo cards. By means of this method also increase the chances of winning. Here are the following variants to choose from: 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo. Fifty players can each play at a bingo table. In bingo, the numbers drawn are used to create a special pattern on the bingo card. The player who succeeds first wins and finishes the round.

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History of Bingo

Already in 16. In the 19th century, a form of this game very similar to today’s bingo was developed in Italy, which became known as “Lotto” (translated as fate). The basic principle was also at that time already based on the principle of randomness. After the game became more and more popular in Italy, it soon found its way to France and the United States. Here Edwin S realized. Lowe the exceptionally great potential of this game and created his own model called “Beano”. This name originates from the fact that the players at that time covered the playing fields with beans. If the winner was named, he had to affirm his win with “Beano”.

Fun for young and old

Especially in Germany, this game was considered for a long time as a pastime for older ladies, who usually met in church or participated in some fundraising activities. With the advent of online casinos, today you can play bingo on the Internet. This possibility is used also by players of younger age with pleasure.

The different variants of online bingo, which are based on brilliant effects and graphics, ensure that no boredom arises in this game. Here, too, players are given cards, which are filled out one after the other, as soon as the random number is generated.
High winnings are not uncommon in bingo, as the game functions simultaneously as a jackpot game. Communication with other players is also a big issue here, as most variants come with an online chat where players can talk to each other. Playing with your fellow players you will always meet new people with whom you can exchange ideas and experiences.

Online Bingo

Bingo can be played at any time and anywhere, which has led to the fact that it is now played worldwide. All you need are bingo cards, bingo balls, markers and a container for the ball. Bingo is popular not only because of its potential winnings, but also because of the game’s community appeal. In addition to casinos, bingo also takes place in clubhouses and larger rooms (halls).


If you want to get acquainted with bingo, you should read the instructions carefully before starting the game and study the procedure. First you buy a ticket, which is used for one round at a time. The game fields consist of twenty-five fields with numbers from one to one hundred. In contrast to the lottery, players in bingo do not enter their own numbers, because the numbers are already printed on the ticket. The winning numbers are drawn from the lottery drum by the host. According to the game instructions, the player now pursues the goal of checking off a row or column of the playing field within a round and shouting bingo out loud when a win is achieved. Bingo is a game of chance and accordingly every player has the same chance of winning.

What happens after winning?

If a player has won and a column or row is full, the ticket is checked and the winnings are paid out. According to the game instructions, after a round you have to start with a new game field. The game is relatively simple, so that even newcomers find their way around after a short time. According to the game instructions, the chances can be significantly increased by choosing several playing cards.