• March 7, 2023

Danger of fraud at online casinos – this is what you should watch out for

Danger of fraud in online casinos – you should pay attention to it

Most people who are on the Internet, they have already encountered one way or another – online casinos! Be it by annoying and intrusive advertising or by great promises of the fat profit. But as with almost everything in life, on the Internet such promises should be taken with great caution.

Dice and chips in a casino | Photo: pixabay.com, CC0 Public Domain

Between all the dubious offers there are quite a few gems. However, in order to recognize them, it helps to check and make as accurate comparisons as possible in advance. In the following, some important points / evaluation criteria should be pointed out with regard to reputable or. of unseriöser online casinos are pointed out.

Point 1: Unseriöse or missing license

For casinos, whether online or in analogue life, licenses are necessary. This ensures that the respective casino is legal and is operated with the necessary legal requirements. The licenses must be visible on the website and should be closely scrutinized, because even if the providers initially appear reputable, some licenses should be enjoyed with caution, as the regulation can also turn out to be very deficient. Often, these licenses are acquired for exactly this reason, in order to maintain the appearance of respectability and to deceive over any problems.

Point 2: The company headquarters

In the imprint of a website must be a postal address stored, especially for online casinos. If the imprint or contact details are missing, you should refrain from using the site anyway. But even if an address was deposited, so-called Postboxes can often hide behind it. These are used in some cases to disguise the true location of the company and thus firstly to save taxes and secondly to escape any legal problems that might arise from unclean dealings.

Point 3: Negative user reports in the net

Before one perceives the offer of an online casino, one should inquire on the web, for example here, about exactly this website:

  • What experiences have other users made with it?
  • Is there any feedback at all?
  • What kind of sites report about it?

All these factors can give a good indication of how reputable a casino is on the net. Because many negative reviews usually do not come from nowhere and missing reports significantly strengthen the likelihood of opaque procedures. Unusually positive messages on unusual sites should also be given little credence. Often these reviews are bought and created for this very purpose, to pretend false securities.

Point 4: Particularly intrusive advertising and promises

Especially popular with dubious casinos are large and guaranteed winnings, which are not met. In order to bring exactly these promises to possible customers, special flagship advertising opportunities are also rolled out. Large intrusive and usually also flashing advertising banners with the promises guaranteed therein or references to a profit, which one would have received if one had perceived the online game, but nevertheless never will see. Clicked on such a banner, one is usually steered over innumerable different sides up to on-line Casino and is there then as fast as possible its money into the possible play opportunities to put. With such casinos should really not invest money, because behind it can hide mostly not only fraudsters, but also viruses and other pests for the computer. So if you want to protect yourself from dubious online casinos, you should be especially careful in this field and pay close attention to which offers you want to trust.