• March 7, 2023

Earn money with smartphone via Whatsappcash

Earning money with the smartphone: via Whatsappcash

With the help of Whatsappcash you can earn money by spreading links via social media.

Whatsappcash offers every internet user the possibility to earn money with smartphone, earn money with cell phone.

Whatsappcash – the name sounds a little irritating at first. One could believe that sharing and thus making money only works via Whatsapp. But this is not so. Sharing is also possible via other social networks. The platform can be used not only by smartphone, but also via PC or tablet. It is thus all very much more open, than that the name lets expect at first. Money is earned when the link sent by message is clicked by a certain number of recipients.

Huge potential due to huge membership numbers

Social networks are becoming more and more popular and their membership numbers are still rising steadily. The market leader Facebook has over 1.7 billion users worldwide in this regard. The messenger services Facebook Messenger and. Whatsapp are used by more than one billion people worldwide, and this very regularly. LinkedIn, a network for maintaining business contacts, is also one of the largest social media with 200 million users. Google+ and the short message service Twitter have more than 300 million members each.

What is Whatsappcash?

Whatsappcash is part of the company dh Network, which has its headquarters in the German state of Saxony. The founder and managing director operates beside Whatsappcash still further advertising networks successfully, which suggests a certain experience. Since the 01. August 2023 Whatsappcash now appears on the market for viral marketing.

Earn money with smartphone via Whatsappcash

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How Whatsappcash works

At Whatsappcash money is earned by sharing links, so-called campaigns, with the existing contacts in social networks. You can choose between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit or StumbleUpon. Only the browser version of Whatsapp (Whatsapp web) is not supported. Through Facebook, the profitable campaigns can be posted, for example, in private groups, in one’s own chronicle, in personal messages, but also on fan pages and in groups. The link can of course be accompanied by a text of its own, ideally containing a more detailed explanation of it.

Registration process

Before you can earn from the distribution of links, there is the registration on Whatsappcash.de an. In addition to personal data and a nickname, it is also mandatory to provide the phone number. This serves to send new campaigns and news. The account is activated by clicking on a link in the confirmation email sent to you. Then it can already start.

Remuneration and payout

The remuneration on Whatsappcash is per click of the message readers on the attached link. It is based on the so-called price per thousand contacts (CPM). This means that this amount is reached as soon as 1.000 clicks have been made. With a CPM of, for example, 20 euros, the earnings per click correspond to 2 cents. Depending on the campaign and the country, the amount of remuneration varies. From a balance of 30 euros, the payout can be requested. This is done within 30 days via Paypal or to any bank account.


You can earn a little money on the Internet with Whatsappcash guaranteed. A big advantage is the easy handling of the platform. The size of your earnings from Whatsappcash depends largely on the number of message readers you have. However, since you can post to all groups and fan pages, you don’t need a high reach yourself. You only need to post the available campaigns on themed sites or in such groups, and you can profit with them.
The only criticism could be that so far the amount of available campaigns is still very manageable. However, since Whatsappcash is still a relatively young platform, this is hardly surprising. In the future, this will certainly change quickly.