• March 6, 2023

Probability of winning the lottery Glücksspirale

Probability of winning the Glücksspirale lottery

The Glücksspirale lottery has a fixed prize table. The prize amounts range from 10 EUR up to 100 EUR.000 EUR. As a maximum prize is a “monthly instant pension” of 7.500 EUR possible.

The prize table for the Glücksspirale:

Winning class Correct final digits
winning amount:
1 1 right 10 EUR
2 2 right 20 EUR
3 3 right 50 EUR
4 4 right 500 EUR
5 5 right 5.000 EUR
6 6 right 100.000 EUR
7 7 right 7.500 EUR
monthly immediate pension

One winning number will be drawn each week for the individual prize categories. The ticket number must match the winning number if you want to win something. In classes 6 and 7, two winning numbers are drawn each, so that there are a total of 9 winning numbers per week.

If there are more than 100 winners in prize category 6, the total prize amount will be increased to 10 million euros. EUR and divided among all winners of class 6.
If there are more than 10 winners in prize category 7, the total prize amount is capped at EUR 21 million. EUR limited and divided among all winners of class 7.

The prize of class 7 is normally paid to Öffentliche Versicherung Braunschweig for the benefit of the winner. The insurance company will then pay the winner a monthly immediate annuity of at least 7.500 EUR from. However, the winner can also take the prize for the cash value of 2.100.000 EUR paid out directly. From a tax point of view, there is a difference, because the monthly instant annuity is subject to income tax. The one-time cash payment of the total amount, on the other hand, is considered a lottery prize and is therefore tax-free.

What are the chances?

The chance to win in the Glücksspirale is mathematically extremely higher compared to the other lotteries, such as 6 out of 49, EuroJackpot and Euro Millions.
In detail, the winning probabilities in the Glücksspirale lottery now look like this:

Winning class Correct final digits
Chance 1 to
1 1 right 10
2 2 right 100
3 3 right 1.000
4 4 correct numbers 10.000
5 5 right 100.000
6 6 right 500.000
7 7 right 5.000.000

Without a certain amount of luck, however, there is nothing to be won in the Glücksspirale either. Only those who do not play have certainly already lost.

But even those who go away empty-handed at least have the good feeling of having done something good with their money, because Glücksspirale supports charitable projects.